Department of Industrial Promotion, the Ministry of Industry, Thailand in cooperation with the Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (ISMED) organize for a third consecutive year the Fashion Designer Creation (FDC) activity under the Thai Fashion Industry Capability Building Project in an attempt to promote design as means to create value and develop fashion brands for designers, entrepreneurs and students working in different categories including Textile and Clothing, Leather and Shoes, and Jewelry. They are encouraged to combine their unique creative prowess with fashion merchandise development to be able to meet various market demands and to be in line with global fashion trends. With the Innofashion concept, which emphasizes the importance of each single creativity dimension, each applicant creates their merchandise collection that is distinguished, innovative and different in form, design and utility to compete in FDC 2017

Applicants who get selected into the next round will get an opportunity to develop their merchandise collection under the supervision and guidance of the coach team led by Thailand’s fashion idols in their respective fields such as

Milin Yuwajaruskul,
owner and creative director of Fashion brand Milin

Patcharapimol Youngprapakorn
owner of leather brand S’uvimol Bangkok

Pirada Seneewong na Ayudthaya
owner and creative director of jewelry
brand Trimode

*Applicants responsible for all expenses to join the program which conducted in Bangkok, Thailand